Friday, September 12, 2008

Is it really Fall or just Global Cooling in Sunny Southern California?

I assume that you spend your Friday nights out on the town, maybe having dinner at the hot new restaurant or at at dinner party with friends discussing the latest election news and the sudden drop oil prices despite hurricane Ike.
For me it was a typical Friday night. You know, stay at the office until 9:3o finishing up all those pesky tasks that didn't get completed during the week.
Eventually I made my way home and took the pooch out for a walk. Nothing unusual there...a big black dog that wants to run while I stumble my way through the dark in my pencil skirt and high heels. Except for one little thing...tonight I noticed an unusual aroma in the air. The smell of fire.
And no, the Santa Monica mountains above Brentwood were not on fire.
My neighbors were actually have fires in their fireplaces! can't be. It's only September, one of the hottest months in Southern California and it's already foggy and dark outside. Can it be fireplace weather already?
Where..oh where...did summer go?
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Deja Pseu said...

Don't worry, it will be back! Give it another week or two and we'll be complaining about the Santa Ana's and 95 degree temps.

Belle de Ville said...

Santa Ana winds...bring em on
I actually like 95 degree dry weather.
Has anyone besides me noticed how humid it has become in Los Angeles? I remember the weather being so much dryer when I was a child.

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