Friday, September 12, 2008

Celebrity Nonsense - The Rich Are Different

Denise Rich
September 12, 2008 --
DENISE Rich enthralled 100 Fashion Week-lings at Brasserie Cognac with a report on her summer vacation:
"London is the best place to buy Jimmy Choo, St.-Tropez has the coolest Pucci. I get my Lacroix in Cannes, Louis Vuitton in Paris and Cavalli in Bal Harbour. Don't tell anybody."

Yes Denise....I won't tell anyone...but what I really want to know is where do you get all that pink eyeshadow...CVS?

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La Belette Rouge said...

In Lake Forest, Illinois I read an article about the new trend is to have a fourth house. Huh? 4th?

Yes, the ultra-rich are different. They can even wear pink eyeshadow if they are wearing diamond crusted earrings.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Belle de Ville said...

Thanks for your comment.
BTW, I love your blog!

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