Saturday, August 30, 2008

Faking Fashion - Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Costume Jewelry

In the countdown to the elections, with emotions running high, I've decided to stay neutral on the subject of Politics.

But, one serious subject that I just can't stay neutral on is the topic of Costume Jewelry.
Especially now that New York Magazine has published this article on Fake Jewelry.

Here are some of their featured items ranging in price from $79 to $570. Attractive...yes. A good

I can certainly understand the desire to get the look for less. That's a big part of what this blog is all about. In fact I could have titled this blog "Luxe for Less". But my goal is to bring Value into the fashion equation.

Yeah, I would like a big bold cuff bracelet in the Verdura style, or a chunky gemstone necklace to wear this season. But I wouldn't spend one dime on fashion jewelry that is hot for maybe a month or two and then will fall apart...which it notoriously does.

In jewelry I am looking for Intrinsic Value and that comes from using real gold and natural gemstones. And the very best way to get the most value for your hard earned money is in Estate Jewelry.

If a stone falls out it can be replaced. If a strand of pearls or beads breaks, it can be restrung. If a chain or clasp breaks, it is an easy repair by your local jeweler.

If you want to leave a special gift to your daughter or grand daughter, a give of jewelry is something timeless and memorable.

And of course,
If you need cash you can sell or melt your jewelry! Lapis and Jade Bead Torsade Necklace in 14K - $495 Lapis Ring in 18K - $695

OK, these might not be the pieces that you would choose but I think that they are great with this season's jewel toned fashions.
And...if you are looking for a great deal right now on jewelry that will last longer than a lifetime

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