Sunday, August 31, 2008

Deep Glamour

In case you missed the posts by Manolo and Glenn Reynolds about Virginia Postel's new blog Deep Glamour you should check it out.

Virginia Postel, one to the blogosphere's most interesting writers has now teamed with Kate Coe, here's a quote.

Why Deep Glamour? is a spinoff of my research for a book on glamour that I'm writing for The Free Press. It's a way to try out ideas, interview interesting people, and get feedback from readers. It also gives me a chance to apply my ideas about glamour to time-sensitive subjects.
This isn't a one-woman site, however. One of the biggest reasons for starting it was a chance to work with Kate Coe, a woman with impeccable taste and a vast historical knowledge of Hollywood, fashion, and design. We're partners in this enterprise, and we'll be bringing in other writers, both one-time guests and regular contributors. We welcome your ideas and comments.
and one of her topics
"The Ultimate Glamorous and Daring Modern Woman"
As I've written before, the aviator is one of the most enduring icons of masculine glamour. Amelia Earhart gave that glamour a feminine face, and feminine grace. She was modern and sexy, but in a ladylike way. Her mysterious disappearance only heightened her glamour.

If you want quality writing on the subject of glamour, be sure to add her bookmark her blog.
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