Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vintage Value Venture - 1970's To The Max

Posh Vintage Maxi Dress

I never thought that I would see the Maxi dresses, that icon of the bohemian 1970's, come back into style....but it has.
Everyday in Beverly Hills I see women sporting this look....including some of the women in my office. It's comfortable and cool....and flatteringly covers up some of the not so perfect parts of your figure.
I don't think that I'm ready to adopt this look for the office but I wouldn't mind this pretty floral Maxi dress from Posh Vintage for cocktails by the pool, paired with this sweet Tiffany & Co. Butterfly set from
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1 comment:

Patricia said...

Great!! Vintage style fashion dresses and accessories are always amazed me...

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