Sunday, July 20, 2008

OMG - Men Are The New Women

New York Magazine has reported on this Frightening Fall Trend.

Fall Trend: Women’s Necklines Rise, Men’s Fall

If you're the kind of girl who likes to flaunt her cleavage, we have some bad news for you: Cleavage is out for fall. The runways were devoid of plunging lines. Even Dolce & Gabbana showed high necks with ties or scarves. Why the sudden return to modesty? The Guardian reports:

Ironically — yet unsurprisingly — while women's necklines have risen, men's necklines have plunged! Yes, those deep Vs American Apparel made so popular aren't going anywhere. We've said it once but we'll say it again: Men are the new women. Have fun, boys.

I'm OK with a return to higher necklines on women's fashions but...

Please, someone....anyone....stop the lower necklines for men!
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