Friday, July 18, 2008

Fall Fashion Now - Vintage Victorian Pendant

DVF Dress on sale at
Wanda Sling on sale at

I may be running around in my watercolor print frocks this summer, but I've already got my mind on what I'm going to be wearing when the weather turns cold. I absolutely adore this Diane von Furstenburg dress on sale at because the silhouette is flattering and the decolletage scoop neckline is perfect for a vintage pendant like this Victorian "Mourning" pendant with taille d'epargne enamelwork from I love wearing antique estate jewelry because it is wearing a piece of history. (One of these days I will post about Victorian jewelry)
This outfit is a long way from what Paris couture is promoting but it's flattering, affordable and it won't go out of style in 6 months.
Also thinking ahead, check out The Thoughtful Dresser for her post on Selfridge's Christmas press show preview and Une Femme on Cole Hahn handbags.

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