Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Carla on the Cover

I just can't get enough of Sarko and Carla Bruni aka the French (actually Italian) Jackie O.
Vanity Fair's cover article, Paris Match, which could have been titled
When Sexual Preditors Attack
gives all the details on both Sarko and Carla's preditory ways.
They are hunters who met—predators,” Karl Lagerfeld tells me. “It’s a good thing. He had seduced many women, and she was a kind of seductress. When two like this meet, it can be good.”
While Carla's relationships with rockstars like Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton have been well documented, she's openly admitted to prefer polygamy and polyandry “She’s a kind of alpha female. She was never a courtesan like Pamela Harriman—she was more like a female Don Juan.” and
She also learned to take on men. “Carla is the hunter, not the hunted,” says a man who knew her in her teens. “She is a female womanizer.”
Surprisingly Sarko as the consummate politician hasn't been much more subtle about his sex life. After an affair with the married Cecilia resulted in her becoming his mistress and then his wife, he continued to have affairs throughout his political rise, with a multitude of women including Chirac's daughter Claude.
Despite Cécilia’s being “the great love of his life,” Nay alleges, Sarkozy was always susceptible to other women. “Whenever he had an opportunity to have an affair,” she tells me, “as mayor of Neuilly, in his office, he was a man who screws as much as he can.”
In France, however, Nay assures me, “it is not politically incorrect for politicians to have affairs.” It can be dangerous, however. Several people allege that Cécilia once received, presumably from her husband’s political enemies, a detailed list of all the women he had been with during their marriage.
Eventually, Cecilia left him for her own affair and came back only to help in his campaign for the Presidency. With her help he won the election, she bailed out, the affair with Bruni began and the rest is history.
There is something so tawdry about the affairs of American politicians. After the news last week of John Edwards getting caught sneaking into the Beverly Hilton , American politicians could benefit from some lessons in how to have consequence-free affairs from their counterparts across the pond, particularly the French who do the whole coupe de foudre thing so openly and with such elan.
Tres drole, non?
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WendyB said...

I read an interview with her in, I think, the Times of London recently and I just loved her.

Belle de Ville said...

Wendy, I think she's awesome.
And, I admit that I'm a little jealous of the cards she's been dealt...money (heiress), beauty (supermodel), talent (musician)and brains (married the president of France)
She's quite a Lady.

Ms Robinson said...

I am in two minds about Carla: I love her front..but I also think she would be much more enviable if she didn't feel the need to remind us what a femme fatale she is.

Belle de Ville said...

Ms R. I totally agree with you. There's no reason for Carla to have to flaunt it all the time. God knows she's she's been blessed with gifts that few of us will ever have. She doesn't need to keep reminding us of them.

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