Wednesday, July 23, 2008

John Edwards - Extracurricular Activities Abound

The Other Woman - Rielle Hunter

Keep Praying John

Unlike Ms Robinson, I'm not exposed to a lot of sexual shenanigans, in fact I'm surrounded by people who are really happily married. I don't know personally any men who are cheating on their wives....but admittedly I don't get out much.

For the most part I'm non judgemental about the sexual predicaments that people get themselves into. People meet, they become attracted and one thing leads to another. Life goes on.

But when I learn about the sexual peccadillo's of politicians I can't help but feel a twinge of schadenfreude.

So now we get the report that John Edwards was caught sneaking into the Beverly Hilton to see his alleged mistress and mother of his love child, Rielle Hunter. There's nothing quite like finding out that one of the most smarmy and sanctimonious politicians, he of the 28,000 square foot house, is cheating on his wife who is battling cancer.

And, it's one thing to have an affair....but a love child! Seriously, how can an adult man, presidential candidate and cheating spouse not use a condom?

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