Thursday, May 1, 2008

Savvy Shopping - Tangerine Dream

For some people May 1st is the day to wear red and gather in the streets and sing L'Internationale.

Here's a cheery example of the lyrics:

The state tries to stop us and the law cheats,

The taxes bleed the unfortunate

The rich do nothing.

The rights of the poor is a hollow phrase

Enough of being oppressed! Equality needs other laws!

No rights without duty, it says, Equally, no duties without rights.

This is the final struggle Let us gather, and tomorrow International Socialism Will be for mankind!

But I prefer to go shopping!
Besides, I don't look good in red.
So here's cheery outfit for May Day.
From Bergdorf Goodman a flippy little frock from Marc Jacobs on sale for $272 with some cute little sandals by Calvin Klein for $60 from
Of course this outfit wouldn't be complete without something sweet from This vintage Victorian carved coral necklace would be perfect....

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