Thursday, May 1, 2008

Credit Crunch Commentary

Day after day, from Drudge to the NY Times, all we read about is the ongoing credit crunch and the inevitable recession.

Ms. Robinson, my favorite Woman of Experience, has analyzed the current economic client and come up with this helpful idea.

Using proprietary mathematical modelling techniques, Ms Robinson has employed sophisticated algorithms to conclude, with absolute certainty, that a high flying investment banker only needs a wife around, oh, four days per month tops.

Being a woman who is all about solutions, Ms Robinson is pleased to announce 'Rent a Wife', an idea so simple she may franchise it. Why own what you can rent? Wives with names like Flick, Tory, token Asian babe Amina and an appropriately chunky Nigella will be located in huge houses with mega-mortgages in Notting Hill, South Kensington and Surrey. They will have an annoying friend called Verity (the one that wears Crocs) and children called Persephone, Ludo and Corinthian.

The man can either buy a yearly pass (which will save him even more money) or pay monthly.

As Glenn says, read the whole thing.

Then we have this report from US News and World Report

Out: Recession. In: Expansion. That's my quick take on today's first-quarter gross domestic product number, which showed that the economy grew 0.6 percent in the first quarter. Now that's not a robust number by any means, but it's not so bad given all the worry out there that the economy is headed off a cliff. Before you declare a recession, as many economic pundits have, shouldn't the economy, well, actually recess a bit—if only for a quarter?
With those IRS checks in the mail added to regular seasonal spending, Q2 might not be so bad.
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