Thursday, April 10, 2008

Le Mathi Paris - Thomson Hotel Beverly Hills

Style expert Susan Tabac, author of the book Chic in Paris and a blog by the same name, posts on some of her favorite restaurants in Paris. We get the usual LeVoltaire and La Stressa, with photos and a pretty picture of what looks like the Plaza Athenee interior garden restaurant.

A new restaurant, at least to me, at the Hotel Mathi, is Le Mathi's with the fabulous Louis Philippe interior design. What better place than Paris to have a seriously sumptuous restaurant.

And I love her description.

While opulent restaurants are not hard to find in Paris, it is the truly exclusive ones that seem to be a rare. For this reason one of my new favorite spots is Le Mathi’s, which has caught my discerning eye due to the unmatched exclusivity offered to its in-the-know and prosperous patrons. Likely one of the only true insider places left in Paris, it is inconspicuously marked by a door at the Hotel Mathi’s, which only opens for an impressively small crowd of international socialites, celebrities, and affluent individuals. With a limited number of tables, the intimacy of this venue is second to none and the company seated next to you consists exclusively of those privileged enough to be personally recognized by the establishment as the crème de la crème of high society.

But in my hood, that kind of sumptuousness is over the top. We go for casual elegance. A perfect example of Beverly Hills Style is the luxury boutique Thompson Hotel, with a rooftop pool and and two hopping bars. While you won't see Anna Wintour and the Paris fashionistas, it is the great place to meet friends for an after work cocktail.

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