Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cult Chic

Little House on the Prairie dresses and complex curled and coiffed hair?

You guessed it. It's Cult Chic Texas style.

From the Guardian.

One perk of being in a polygamous cult: great hair
Nevertheless, celebrity hairdresser Johnnie Sapong is impressed: "It's brilliant. They could be models at Dior. You expect big hair from Texas, so all the height makes sense too. Doing this without products is impressive. If they don't have access to mousse or hairspray they might be using sugar water to set the hair."

By the way, nice job on the Branch Davidian inferno this time.
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stephanie said...

I gotta tell you mom, one day many moons ago when I was looking for knitting patterns I stumbled across a very bizarre ultra-conservative christian sect. It espouses Virtuous Womanhood.
Basically, it says women belong in the house, are subservient to their men, and must dress "modestly". Freaky stuff. I mean, at first I was like, oh tha's sorta cool ya know, good conservative values, strong moral upbringing, apparently happy families. But the more I read about it, the more disturbing the concept really is. Like, you know I'm not really into feminism but this is taking the female identity back about 200 years.
check out

Now, you know I'm all for historic culture. This group espouses a return to victorian values. Unfortunately, the ultra-repressive values of the victorian era led to greater debauchery and more horrific violence than any other period in history. Jack the Ripper, for example. Or the prevalence of whorehouses and the massive amount of whores in london.
These people write articles such as "The myth of me-time". They think that young women should stay at home until their father can find a suitable husband for them.
I'm all about women who choose to stay home but this group doesn't seem to give them a choice. It's stay home, be a wife and mother, and thats about it.

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