Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"The Hills" Are Alive With Faux Fashion

Talk about extending the brand,

WWD has reported that Whitney Port from MTV's "The Hills" reality TV show now has a label.

So along with other "The Hills" celebutards, Lauren Conrad and Heidi whatever her name is, we have another fine example of contemporary style and taste with her own clothing line.

Seriously, how ugly is this outfit...and who is the stylist that thought that these boots looked good....and stores like Kitson are going to carry these clothes...unbelievable.

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stephanie said...

Well, you have to remember that Lauren Conrad (a few years younger than me at LBHS) and her ilk have far too much time and celebrity at their disposal. People are just itching to let them brand themselves on everything.
I personally would rather be shot than wear any of their clothing but the mtv generation apparently thinks otherwise.
That is not chic, nor is it trendy. The outfit in your pic is tacky it reminds me of a cracked out 80's hooker from hollywood... no time to make things match! And I agree, the boots are awful! Tacky head to toe.... Whatever happened to clean, elegant lines and classy colors?

miss cavendish said...

Ghastly. It's so disappointing how one's Q rating, not one's talent level, gets clothes in boutiques.

Belle de Ville said...

Unfortunately, this trend is not in the clothing business.

All of the sudden every "it girl" out there has her own jewelry line, regardless of whether or not she knows anything about design, gemstones, manufacturing or marketing. These people are crowding out some really talented designers.

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