Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Harry's Bar Venice Offering Discount to "Poor" Americans

This week it was reported in the Washington Post that the famous Harry's Bar in Venice, a long time hang out for ex pat and travelling Americans, is offering a discount to ""poor" Americans suffering from a weak dollar and subprime blues."

"Harry's Bar of Venice, in an effort to make the American victims of subprime loans happier, has decided to give them a special 20 percent discount on all items of the menu during the short term of their recovery."

Can I make a suggestion? Instead of travelling all the way to Venice, the Disneyland of Europe, why not visit Beverly Hills.

There's a hip boutique hotel, The Crescent, which is right in the heart of the Platinum Triangle. The room rates are reasonable, the outdoor lounge with a fireplace is charming, and if you are looking for Italian food that is as good as what is served at Harry' Bar, you've got Il Pastaio a block away. If you don't need to walk, there are countless other excellent Italian restaurants within a short drive.

Oh, I know you don't have all the canals and photo friendly vistas, but you skip the tourist trap nonsense, and the prevailing attitude that you are just a "poor" American.
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