Monday, April 7, 2008

Harper's Bazaare - What Were They Thinking?

Sometimes I just have to ask my self what were the fashion editors thinking when they added this Marni Necklace to their What's In What's Out feature in their March Print issues.

Now I like this magazine and I think the website is fantastic. But who would recommend spending $672 on this necklace made out of what, plastic? It probably cost $10 to manufacture in china.

The Marni Website didn't feature this particular necklace but they did show one that was similar with bead - geometric thing going on. That piece was made out of acrylic resin, acetate, wood and latex. Sorry, but these necklaces look like 4th grade art projects, not artisan quality jewelry.

You may not like pearls...too prim and proper, not edgy enough. But, for about twice the price of the throw away Marni monstrosity, you can buy a classy triple strand gray pearl necklace with a wonderful vintage clasp in 14k from

I just don't understand how anyone can throw away money on throw away jewelry. And it doesn't help with fashion editors are encouraging this.
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