Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekly Wrap Up

Politics and Sex - The gift that keeps on giving.

First we have another story about our favorite ex Governor, Eliot Spitzer from Apparently, he's also a client of the New York escort service Wicked Models. The author did a little internet snooping to find the Wicked Models website complete with clever descriptive copy to sell the product.

All of our companions are hand-picked for their beauty, intellegence (ironic sic) and demeanor. We have stunning supermodels, Ivy League Educated beauties and the sorority girl next door. We pride ourselves in qualiy (sic, irony again) and adhere to the strictest standards.

In addition to all this fine writing, the website has a online booking feature which is just a step away from a fully functional shopping cart feature!

One innovation: The Wicked site had an online booking form. Say you're a socks-with-sex randy governor of a large Northeastern state and you're looking for a good time. At Wicked, you could set it up without an awkward phone call: After perusing the models, you enter in your first choice, your second choice, your personal details, and press Send. That's it! Like Amazon, but without the Proust.

Like Amazon indeed.

Then we have the news about Detroit's mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick. Let's see we've got your usual charges of corruption and parties with strippers, but what I really like about this story is the more than 14,000 text messages between the married mayor and his married Chief of Staff who he was having an affair with in 2002 and 2003. 14,000 text messages! Haven't these people ever learned that maybe in some circumstances you should delete your old text messages?

OK, other than randy politicians what have got. Oh yeah, the story about the Dallas strip club that allowed a 12 year old girl to dance nude. Aside from the usual early sexual exploitation of girls, the kicker to this story is that the club couldn't be shut down because in Dallas it isn't illegal to allow a minor to work in a strip club.

Do you think that this girl had previously been playing the Miss Bimbo video game?
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