Saturday, March 22, 2008

Prada Rocks - But who are these people?

Yesterday when I was closing up my office I heard all kinds noise coming from the street. when I looked out the the window I saw the whole red carpet craziness going on across the street at Prada. Security, limousines, paparazzi, etc it was the whole Beverly Hills Package.

Pink is the new blog has the photos of celebrities of no consequence.

But this is a good time to give serious props to Prada.

I'm in the process of garnering donations for the Friends of Robinson's Garden Gala Even in May and Prada has been been a key supporter of the group. When asked for a donation they offered a fabulous bag immediately. Not like so many other Rodeo Drive vendors who have to ask "corporate" to make a decision that immediately benefits their business....

Prada Rocks!
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