Saturday, March 15, 2008

Paris in the Spring - Shopping Rodeo Drive

Not that you asked but I thought you'd love to know about my celebrity sighting this past week. One afternoon I left my office to go get a coffee at Il Fornaio, and I walked through a throng of paparazzi in the parking lot behind my building.

Of course I had to ask who they were waiting for and with classic paparazzi snarkiness they answered "Gary Coleman". (Are these guys born with total attitude or do they develop it by being exposed to the sick celebrity driven lifestyle?)

Well anyway, on my way back into my building, I asked again and got more more snarkiness which did nothing more than to reinforce my opinion that celebrities and paparazzi are pathetic parasites feeding on each other.

Shortly after I got back into my office, "the top secret luxury lair", I could see flashes of light through the blinds.

There before my eyes was none other than Paris Hilton getting into her silver Bentley.

I don't know why but I was totally surprised to see that she looks in real life exactly like her photos...rail thin, delicate, and very pretty.

Why she was there, using someone Else's parking space no less, is a mystery...but I'm pretty sure that some serious shopping was involved. Maybe she even picked up some shiny bling from couture Rodeo Drive jeweler Tallarico.
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