Monday, March 3, 2008

Chris Cuomo Expendable

I can barely turn on the TV anymore...accept for a couple of shows (Lost and 24) and 1930's-1960's movies on Turner Classic Movies, ( I adore the set design, costumes and the bling) there isn't much to watch.
I find the morning shows like Good Morning America particularly insipid. I'm certainly glad I wasn't watching ABC when this pathetic commentary by Chris Cuomo was aired.

ABC's Chris Cuomo: Prince Harry 'Expendable'

By Scott Whitlock March 3, 2008 - 17:34 ET
"Good Morning America" co-host Chris Cuomo joked on Monday's show that Britain's Prince Harry "has been over in Afghanistan fighting because he's expendable." Fellow host Robin Roberts appeared somewhat shocked by the comment and sputtered, "What did you say?" Cuomo, who was previewing an ABC special on the royals, didn't back off his assertion and reiterated, "It's true. The reason that Harry is allowed to be in Afghanistan is because he's not the heir to the throne. William's not allowed to be there."
While Harry may not be next in line to be king, it's in very poor taste for a professional journalist to make such a snide remark. After all, Prince Harry went to Afghanistan to bravely serve his country, not because he's "expendable." And perhaps it should be pointed out that it was Chris Cuomo's brother, Andrew, who entered politics and carried on the legacy of father and former New York Governor Mario Cuomo. Is Chris Cuomo's career in journalism, by extension, a reflection of the fact that he's "expendable?"

Look, I don't care what anyone's opinion of the British Monarchy is...Prince Harry has shown courage and class by going to Afghanistan.
I'm not sure whether a spoiled elitist like Chris Cuomo is capable of going to anywhere more dangerous than the Upper East Side and Southampton.

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