Monday, January 14, 2013

Red Carpet Style at the Golden Globes

From the Golden Globes red carpet

big fat red carpet.....check
paparazzi everywhere....check
stunning actresses.....check
gorgeous gowns.....check
what was missing from this picture?

well, there wasn't much in the way of red carpet worthy jewelry.

Still, I loved the classic diamond cluster jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz worn by Sofia Vergara

While heavy on the carats, (100+  worth $8 million) her jewels were elegant, age appropriate,and complemented her entire look

don't you agree?

 But what was Jessica Alba doing wearing the 5.8 million dollar diamond necklace by Harry Winston?
While this necklace was amazing, I felt that it was a bit over the top for such a young and fresh faced beauty.
After wearing such an important piece to the Golden Globes...whatever is she going to wear to the Oscar's?

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The enchanted home said...

Yep agree about Jessica A. too much for her, I would have rather have seen a killer pair of earrings and a cuff for her age. There were some winners but to me more fashion losers, some were so disappointing...looking ahead to the Oscars now!

Kathy said...

I was also wondering at the lack of jewelry, and thought maybe a lot of actresses didn't want to distract from their breasts that were on the verge of falling out of most of their gowns. I actually thought Jessica Alba looked stunning in that necklace, and often think younger women wear these over the top pieces more easily than a woman who is older.

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