Friday, December 7, 2012

Beladora 2 - Shop The Sale!

The little elves have been busy here at the Beladora HQ
because we have big changes in store for 2013  

So, now is time to shop the Last Chance sale 
We've marked prices down to below wholesale levels
Whatever doesn't sell is going to disappear forever 
to the world of melt-ville

So, if you are looking for a vintage jewelry gift

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Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you for posting about this. I normally don't look at your online store much because the prices, though good for what they are (I assume--I don't know anything about jewelry), are still waaay out of my range. However, I checked out this last chance super sale. There was a gold charm that was PERFECT for someone I'd been desperately trying to find a present for. It was on the high end of what I wanted to spend, but it had an unbelievably suitable theme, and it's real gold. I really cannot imagine a better present for her. So thanks!!!

Marius said...

I am going to visit the new jewelry store and will post my impressions a little leater.

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