Friday, August 24, 2012

BHB on the Road - Dublin

Here are a few photos of Dublin, taken by my daughter two weeks ago on our trip two weeks ago.
Yes, they look a little dreary
and that may just be because Ireland was having its rainiest summer in past 100 years.
But, despite the drizzle, we thought that  Dublin was fun.

This huge obelisk in Phoenix Park was built to commemorate the great Arthur Wellesley,
aka the Duke of Wellington.
Who doesn't love a great obelisk, I know that I do.

And here's the Gothic interior of Christ Church Cathedral...looking...well rather Goth in black and white.

Looking a little less Goth in natural light, Christ Church was really beautiful.

 And here are some old stone buildings situated across from the elegant Euston train station.
Euston Station

Next week I will post more photos of Ireland and some my impressions of Ireland.
But I will say that while the city of Dublin became the hot place to open a business a decade or so ago
especially in tech, banking etc.
it still maintains the look of an 18th Century city.
And, if you are interested in architecture, as I am, it is a great city to visit.
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Couture Carrie said...

Beautiful photos, darling!
I love architecture, so I must visit someday!


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