Friday, August 3, 2012

Around Town - Moncler Comes To Rodeo Drive

Summer has finally arrived in Beverly Hills
but with a new neighbor like this next door
I feel as though I should be expecting arctic temperatures

 Moncler makes magnificent winter wear

but it is so strange to see such heavy parkas here in Beverly Hills in high summer

But Autumn is in the air at Beladora
and at ELLE and InStyle magazines

 I love this blue and green enamel flower brooch on this Mod patterned suit in this month's ELLE


and these antique diamond rings from Beladora 2
on Jessica Biel on the cover of this month's InStyle

Finally, I will have certainly Fall weather to deal with next week when I arrive in Dublin
Here is the weather forecast
Yikes...or rather Brrrrrr!
 Next summer I will plan my vacation in a country whose latitude isn't the same as southern Alaska.

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helen tilston said...

I hope you have a wonderful time in Ireland. I find the weather is marvelous for moisturizing one's skin.
The weather will change several times each day and I am sure the sun will shine on you

Helen xx

SG Angela said...

i feel warm just looking at the picture of the shop. : )

The Preppy Princess said...

I hope you are enjoying a *wonderful* trip, and love the Beladora 2 rings on Jessica Biel gracing the cover of InStyle!


Anonymous said...

That's quite hot for these parts!

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