Friday, June 22, 2012

Nikola Tesla - Smarter Than Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Combined know who I'm talking about
Nikola Tesla
The greatest geek who ever lived
Let's just say that basically every major technical advance of the early 20th Century, from alternating current to hydroelectricity, radar to radio, came directly from Tesla.
The gives us a basic Tesla for Dummies post that is worth reading.
Is Tesla had lived longer, he surely would have invented the internet.
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Dash said...

What a fabulous link, I really enjoyed that.

Karena said...

The early genius of men who invented and were brave enough; resilient enough to keep going...we owe so very much!

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Artist Series 2012

karinnska said...

Thank you-- would not have known otherwise.

Gemstones said...

too bad his last years were not as convenient as steve jobs... but he is way more revolutionist than jobs..

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