Friday, November 11, 2011

The Song Remains The Same - Stairway To Heaven Turns 40

The most overplayed song of my youth
and indeed the most overplayed song ever
turned 40 this week
for some reason this makes me feel both nostalgic
and  really old

"and it makes me wonder"
does anyone out there know how much money Led Zeppelin made from this one song?
It must have been bazillions

I love this cover
and Dolly's outfit in this video

And for those who prefer 60's style music to 70's metal rock
here's another version of the song

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy, you've made me all wistful, it's such a great song, off to play it now.

déjà pseu said...

While a really great song, it was never my favorite Zeppelin tune. I still love Black Dog and Kashmir the best.

Belle de Ville said...

Tabitha, it makes me a little wistful too.

Pseu, a agree that Kashmir was a much better song.

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