Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Thoughts on Blogging

This week is the 10 year anniversary of Glenn Reynold's which I have been reading daily for the last decade. How Glenn, a husband, father, constitutional law professor, author, interviewer and commentator can also put out the most successful aggregating blog for 10 years is beyond me, but he deserves some crazy kudos. That man is a god, no wonder they call him the blogfather!

Recently I read a report about the correlation between the hours spent watching television and life expectancy. You probably saw that article too.  What I wonder is what is the correlation between time spent blogging and life expectancy?  I would guess that is it is something similar.  I can personally attest to a correlation between time spent at my computer and middle age spread....and so can my derriere.
Which brings me to my point of asking this question...
Is there a optimal amount of time that you can spend blogging before all hell breaks out on your body?

My guess is yes, but it depends on your lifestyle.
If you are an active person, an hour a day is probably alright. If you a working person, comme moi, who spends an average of 10 hours a day at the office in front of the computer, any amount of additional time spent blogging must be detrimental.
So what does a working person do?  Stop blogging?  Blog only on weekends? I don't really know the answer.

Blogging has opened up my world in many ways. 
I've put Australia, Scotland, Wales, Belgium  and the Pyrenees high on my list of places to visit...just because I've enjoyed all the posts by FF, Tabitha, Ruth, Greet and Dash.  I couldn't have predicted this when I started BHB. 
I've also learned a lot about my favorite subjects, history, art, literature, gardening and decoration through reading blogs. 
And, being an anti-social person by nature who avoids social interaction whenever possible, I believe that I have a better understanding of people by reading about their lives and interests.  More importantly, I've learned that there are people out there in the blogosphere that I would love to hang around much for my being anti-social!

Blogging has also helped me to accomplish my primary goal of making people aware of the benefits of buying estate jewelry versus paying retail for new jewelry, and of course about Let's face it, when you are starting a business and you don't have a budget for advertising or PR...blogging is one way to go.  I look at it as the DIY of branding.  But BHB has also co mingled some of my personal opinions with my brand, which is not what I set out to do.  (Fortunately, I am in the process of upgrading the Beladora website with new code and such, and adding an actual Beladora blog to the site which will solve that issue.)

Blogging has certainly been a worthwhile experience, both personally and professionally, but I've decided to cut back on posting to one day a week. 
I know that my general health, and my derriere, will thank me for it.
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barbara said...

You make excellent points about the benefits of blogging. My own effort is now 2 years in progress. I find the process of creating on a regular basis enhances every experience I have! Keeps me in touch with life. I enjoy your blog, btw.

helen tilston said...

You have written what I have been thinking. I so enjoy reading blogs and getting to know the authors. It is fascinating and, like you, I learn so much.

I post once a week, and I work 5 days a week. I believe that blogging must not be stressful to the author and if one does not feel up to posting on a given week, that is ok too.

Helen x

Anonymous said...

I have also been thinking about cutting back, it takes a lot of time to blog everyday and it's becoming a bit of a chore but then I spend so much time on my own, so it's a good way for me to connect with the world. Almost everyone I know has moved away or died in the last ten years, so I would have very solitary days without blogging.

OK see you once a week Belle.

Wildernesschic said...

I love to work my body .. and I know that blogging takes up soooo much time.. so I am now more sensible I read the ones i love.and comment.. or posts that I know will interest me..I write one a week .. sometimes more.. definitely my Instagram weekly photo one as people seem to enjoy it and its a way of keeping in touch.. if I have more time then I indulge in writing..

David Toms said...

I know that my mind has benefited from being a blogger! I have met so many different people and my horizons have been expanded infinitely.

I try and spend about an hour a day and see it as down time from all that I do. If I have extra time I try and do posts in advance and then schedule them to post.I do not watch very much TV, so i think i am safe.

The enchanted home said...

Good luck in all you do.......and only you know whats best for you. I think blogging is anything you want it to it one day a week or seven. I too have cut back to about 4 posts a week and imagine when I move it will be less for awhile. The great thing is we are the captains of our own ship!! Best of luck!

Belle de Ville said...

Barbara: it feels like I have been blogging forever, even though it has only been a few years. I agree that blogging is a creative process and I admire everyone who has the discipline to do it.

Helen: the issue isn't just the writing, it't all of the time that it takes to read all the blogs that I follow....and I'm rather addicted to them!

Tabitha: you know that I envy you and your solitary life.

Ruth: blogging seems to be a natural for you because you are a very talented writer and poet. Also, with running such a big house and managing your family,and chasing your chickens, you get a lot of excercise.

David: isn't it amazing how one's world opens up through blogging. It has been such a pleasure to meet new people and learn about their lives. Also, I admire your organizational skills.

Enchanted: even 4 posts a week is a lot of extra work!

Dash said...

Hi Belle, the blogging world is a funny thing, personally I love it, I have learnt so much, found many kindred spirits, watched people grow in confidence, witnessed small businesses evolving and future writers honing their craft and it's free! These words, opinions, photographs and different ways of life will probably be floating about the ether for generations to come...

However there does seem to be a cycle some people blog every day, and still do, others start enthusiastically and then it peters out and others find a balance that works for them.Your blog is always a joy to read. I think the answer is to blog whenever you feel the urge.

LPC said...

Well, I'll look forward to your once a week post then:).

The Preppy Princess said...

While the research may differ, I think online activity merely reflects one's personality traits and heightens them. If being outside or working out is important as it is to me, I still do that, but may read about it as well online. If inclined to have little physical exertion, being online is more of the same. Hopefully this makes sense.

Love that there may be a second blog, one focused on Beladora treasures!

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