Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Daughter The Blogger

I suppose that it was only a matter of time before the beautiful Miss de Ville started her own blog chronicling her impressions of life in LA with irreverent commentary and arty photography.

3 Guides and a Girl
Armed with a selection of guide books, good shoes, a collection of cameras and a terrible sense of direction, a single girl decides to see everything worth seeing in Southern California. 
From the bizarre to the beautiful, the quaint to the quackery, no sight is safe.

I love her photography

and of course I enjoy reading about Los Angeles from her perspective
The Spadena house on Carmelita in BH is a really superb example of storybook architecture. Also known as the witch’s house, this spooky building is smack dab in the middle of a bunch of colonial and neoclassical monstrosities. I drive by on my way to work and it always makes me smile. As a kid, I lived a few blocks away and I distinctly remember that you couldn’t trick or treat there (they had cops outside the gates) which, frankly, is bullshit. Fun fact: this is the house Alicia Silverstone walks by in her pouty, epiphany scene in “Clueless”.

My beautiful girl turned 26 today....where did the time go....
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une femme said...

Her photos are really impressive. She has a great eye!

David Toms said...

See they grow up before you know it! I also love her photography.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I love the witches house.

Your daughter is beautiful. I hope she has a very Happy Birthday xx

Anonymous said...

Oh she's such a cool young thing - that phrase has probably aged me more than the bifocals.

Katherine said...

omg she is so gorgeous! What a beautiful daughter...and happy 26th to her :) I bookmarked her blog (and hello from Paris!)

LPC said...

As beautiful as her mother:).

the gardener's cottage said...

she looks just like you! so beautiful. and her photography is excellent. you must be so proud.


Jill said...

Ya'll look just alike!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Just found your blog and really enjoy it! Love the post on Angela Basset, she is stunning!
Jamie Herzlinger

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