Monday, June 13, 2011

Around Town - Artspace Warehouse

I finally made it to the Artspace Warehouse
the gallery for fine art at a reasonable price
and you know how much I appreciate quality at an affordable price
With galleries in Cologne, Zurich and Los Angeles

the galleries showcase works by emerging European and US artists

There were several pieces that I liked
and I might have purchased a painting... or three
by the Swiss artist Zanre
I told you that I was going to rock the vintage 1970s jewelry from
and I did!

Happy Monday
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David Toms said...

Can I say that you absolutely fabulous!!! MM, I could also purchase a painting or two!

Belle de Ville said...

David, I loved this gallery. It is owned by my friend Claudia and I think that her idea of showing fine art, that you can actually afford, is brilliant.
OK, so the gallery is not full of paintings by Jeff Koons and April Gornik, but it provides and entry level to the appreciation and collection of art.

Anonymous said...

Would that be one of your collection behind you? Looks familiar. Mamam

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

You look gorgeous xx

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