Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vintage Turquoise and The Other Topic of the Week

Janet over at The Gardner's Cottage has been busy this week.
First she posted her amazing recipe for artisan bread
Doesn't this look amazing?
I may actually attempt to try making it this weekend
Then she posted fabulous photos of her favorite Ralph Lauren looks
and included this image of her vintage turquoise jewelry

Great pieces aren't they?
Of course seeing her jewelry inspired me to post some pictures of moi

Vintage American Indian Turquoise and Bear Claw Jewelry

And back to the topic of the week
Go read their posts
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the gardener's cottage said...

show off! omg, what great pieces. do you have an email address? i'd love to show you some turquoise i just got from an estate sale. i think you'd like!


and btw - the bread recipe is so easy, you are going to be shocked.

Anonymous said...

Great link there thanks Belle.
You look wonderful as usual.

David Toms said...

Ok, shall I try the bread???

Did you see the Ralph Lauren interview on Oprah?? Mrs Lauren was dripping in turquoise. I must admit yours does look good against the black!

Bebe Bakhshi said...

i love anything vintage specially turquoise....

Anonymous said...

I'm the worst traveller, three times a year is it for me, I get into the most awful stressed out state flying
5 years ago I wrote about interiors and then science but not anymore.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

What gorgeous turquoise pieces! You look fantastic xx

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