Thursday, April 28, 2011

Watching The Royal Wedding BHB Style

Well, we've all been waiting for the Royal Event
and it is finally about to begin....the wedding heard around the world

Christina Lindsey will be watching with Giles Deacon and tweeting it for LOVE magazine
The Aussi babes FF and SSG will be celebrating it properly with tea and scones
Dash will be tuning in from her Paradise in the Pyrenees
And of course The Preppy Princess has been all over this wedding since the engagement announcement and I can't wait to read her review of the whole extravaganza.

I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure that my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail
So I will be at home watching the wedding in my very best Edwardian diamond tiara.
Here it is.
It suits me don't you think?

Here is the close up of the tiara, isn't it magnificent.
We call it the Madonna tiara because she wore it for her wedding with Sean Penn.
You can't tell from this photo but the swag of diamonds can be removed and worn as a necklace so this tiara isn't just's downright practical!
So if you just happen to be in the market for a gorgeous tiara...well you know who to contact.

Enjoy the wedding everyone
and congratulations to the royal couple.
May they have a long and loving marriage.
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Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I can't wait!

I love the tiara. Can we tweet it? The Editor will love a pic of Madonna's tiara from her wedding to Sean! xx

Belle de Ville said...

Christina, yes of course, Tweet away...just please mention!!!!

What Kate Wore said...

Miss BHB, you are much too nice to mention the blog, thank you. I am so flattered, I consider you a style-setter and fashion expert, and you want to read what I say?? Yikes!

Good heavens, that tiara is beautiful. I do hope Kate/Catherine wears one and doesn't do only flowers, she has such lovely hair for it.

Thank you again, enjoy the wedding!

Deja Pseu said...

Amazing tiara!!! Every girl should have one.

David Toms said...

Ho absolutely fabulous! Funny I was thinking of doing a tiara post today, but just didn't get around to it

LPC said...

I'm thinking you are the only person I know with an actual tiara to hand:).

Belle de Ville said...

Princess, I hope that they pull out all the regal stops so to speak when it comes to this wedding. Flowers are lovely but we all need to see beautiful and historical jewelry in a royal ceremony like this...or what's the point of it being royal.

Pseu, every girl should have one indeed.

David, you are an amazingly prolific blogger maybe one of these days you will tell us your thoughts on tiaras.

LPC, well we've actually got a few of these things just hanging around ;).

Faux Fuchsia said...

I am just finishing up the Coronation Chicken. I wish I had your tiara!!!! Enjoy the wedding xx

Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful in that pic.
I want to wear mine to the party I'm going too but I'm nervous of the little girls wanting to whip it off my head.

Belle de Ville said...

FF, how about the tiara as a baby gift from Mr. FF?
Tabitha, thank you so much. Seriously it amazes me that you even own a tiara. If I were you I'd jump at any occasion to wear it!

Savvy Gal said...


teawithonesugarplease said...

I just love the fact you have a few tiaras lying about. Your one is beautiful and I love the fact it can change into a necklace. The ceremony was wonderful and Kate's tiara had the right look, not too big but not too small just perfect for a modern royal bride. I only wish her train was another meter longer or so as the aisle was so long inside the abbey x

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