Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Royal Wedding That I'd Like to See

Thanks to my friend Xilary who sent me this link
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Dash said...

Oh that is hilarious, it's really put a smile on my face this morning!

Michelle Trusttum said...

My girls LOVE this.

Deja Pseu said...

Oh, perfect. The Glee-ification of the RW. LOVE!!!

the gardener's cottage said...

i just love this. i'd love to go to any wedding like this. also, thank you for your sweet comment today and another one that i thought was spot on on tabitha's post re my upcoming reunion. i couldn't agree with you more about whilst dressing for a reunion that the most important thing is to not appear as if you tried too hard. that is perfect advice and i plan on taking it! oh, i only wish i could afford your beautiful jewelry, it's so my style!


Anonymous said...

Belle: Dr D keeps nagging me to let him fill my scrawny chicken hands but I'm so nervous about needles, and hubs is revolted by the idea. Another few years and I'll have everything filled in one fell swoop.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Thats brilliant!

I'm Twittering the royal wedding live for LOVE magazine. Giles and a couple of friends are coming over to keep me company. No doubt they'll be making a few wise cracks xx

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