Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is Mercury In Retrograde The New Black?

When is seems that the SHTF
all at the same time, I start to wonder.
What's going on?
From tsunamis to tornadoes
from friends having heart attacks to siblings lives abruptly changing (and not for the better)
from all things tech going awry at what seems to be the same time
Is it because Mercury is retrograde?
I have no idea but I'm looking for a woo-woo excuse to explain it all.

Apparently all this astrological obstruction is supposed to last until mid May.

My mood is rather black today, as are my clothes.
Luckily, I've got my happy panda pendant to give me a cheerier look!

Yes, I know, you can't see anything from this photo
So here's the close up, happy isn't it?

OK, so maybe a big panda pendant is too juvenile for me
So how about this flower pendant?
Yes this is more my style

I don't know, maybe today I should just stick with wearing this

Maybe I should fight the universe and wear only pastels from now until mid May.
To hell with the retrograded Mercury!
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Deja Pseu said...

Great pieces, so unique!

Anonymous said...

Forget the woo woo. Only God knows why things happen.
xxoo Mamam

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Forget everything else, cast cares aside, and wear the Victorian mourning brooch which is absolutely lovely.

Michelle Trusttum said...

I like the idea of a Victorian mourning brooch - a most elegant way of wearing your heart on your sleeve - and yours is beautiful.

But I think you're probably right. Mercury be damned; bust out the pastels.

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