Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And God Created Woman...With A Little Surgical Help

Who wouldn't want to look like Bardot?
I certainly would...well make that a young Bardot.
But not having the genes for it, why bother investing in the's not like there's a Roger Vadim waiting for me out there to launch my career as the world's most desirable ingenue.

But I'm not Cindy Jackson.
She's not only found her inner Bardot, she's created her outer Bardot.

But when it comes to cosmetic surgery when is enough enough and when is enough too much?
Check out this video about Cindy Jackson who holds the record for 52 plastic surgeries

Actually, in spite of her every persistent need for surgical enhancement she doesn't look as overworked  as many of the women that I seen walking around town. Not to mention that virtually every actress in this town, even the 20 year olds, have had some work done.
But who would consent to going under anesthesia that many times? That can't be healthy.

In fact I wonder if it was actually 52 separate procedures carried out in fewer actual operations, since cosmetic surgeons usually bundle them. 

I'm not the least bit anti surgery, in fact sometimes I ask myself wouldn't it have been easier, cheaper and more effective to have had liposuction and a tummy tuck than to have invested in a year's worth of ab crunches with a private trainer. At this point the answer to that is yes.
If only I had Demi Moore's doctors because they did an amazing job with her.

At least Cindy Jackson seems to have had some competent surgeons
unlike Jocelyn Wildenstein whose doctors should have lost their medical licenses.
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Deja Pseu said...

It just seems a bit...."off" mentally to want to look like someone else, no matter how gorgeous the object of desire. Having had two surgeries now for non-costmetic reasons (three if you count the emergency c-section) I can't imagine voluntarily going under the knife unless medically necessary.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

I agree, Deja Pseu. Well said.

Though,I am in awe of Demi Moore's 'work' it is very flattering and enhances rather than reverses.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Jill said...

That photo of Demi has always just irritated the fuck out of me. Who does that?
Anyway, I'm all for surgery. I'm just scared to death I'm going to look like a freak and lose a lot of hair from the anesthetic. I think the European, South American docs seem to do a better job than the American docs.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

There is no one person in the world that I would like to look like. I'm very happy in my own skin and being me. Such surgeries are not my cup of fun and play. It's enough to go under the knife for medical reasons. Warmly hope you are well XX

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

If I ever decide to do anything (which I doubt) I will definitely ask Cindy for her surgeon xx

Anonymous said...

Her surgeon is Latimer Sayer but he's not really considered the best or even close to the best but I think she looks stunning.
I wish I had gone for lipo in my twenties when my skin would have tightened up, my tummy is the bane of my life.

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