Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh No...Orange!

Orange is the color for this year's spring-summer fashions
according to the WSJ's article Orange Crush.
I don't know about you, but I rarely pay attention to the "color of the season"
and I probably won't be wearing it
because it is my least favorite color
and it reminds me more of this

and this

than this

Shades of soft peach and coral I do adore

but straight on in your face orange is my least favorite color.
On the other hand
things that come in orange boxes are always welcome.
Last week a few things arrived at the office
such as this

Is anyone interested in an Hermes Clic Clac black enamel bracelet?
Pre-owned but in very good condition and the price is right!
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David Toms said...

Mm, not my favourite colour except for those little orange boxes that you mention.

Deja Pseu said...

Hermès orange is always in style. The earrings are breathtaking.

I do like softer oranges as an accent, and of course love my orange Fluevogs. I wouldn't dress head-to-toe in orange for the very image you site.

Anonymous said...

I love orange, especially those beribboned boxes.

LPC said...

Click. Clack:).

Belle de Ville said...

Yes, we are all in agreement here...we do like those brown beribboned orange boxes!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I don't follow the season's colours but I do love all shades of orange, except mustard type colours.

I'd love an Hermés studded cuff if you ever come across another xx

WendyB said...

Zang Toi did an orange gown that I wanted desperately but it just didn't look good on me. Must find another option!

MyStyle said...

Heehee, fabulous post which echoes my sentiments, an orange box with any Hermes piece enclosed would be most acceptable and pleasurable for me!! Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead too xxx

ilduce said...

Hey hey! good to know, I happen to look good in orange. And no I am not referring to the prison jump suit.

I'll take the plaid sweater vest and watch please!

Design Elements said...

cool images!

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