Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Geared Up For Miami

While most of the country gets blasted with blizzards
some 2000 continuous miles from the Rocky Mountains to the tip of Maine
I will be off to Miami Beach where the weather forecast shows a balmy 84 degrees.

But I won't be lolling about by the pool soaking up the sun
because I will be busy working at the Antiques and Estate Jewelry Show
shopping for baubles for Beladora.
Yeah, I know tough work...but someone has to do it.

And then I will be off to Palm Beach / Wellington

To visit some friends who play polo for a living...
yeah, I know, another tough job!
I haven't seen them in years and I'm really looking forward to it.
So blogging will be light... if at all for the next week or so.
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David Toms said...

Yep, a blizzard and storm predicted here for tomorrow! Miami sounds fun. Antiques shows are my favourite!

Dash said...

Hi Belle, am extremely envious, I love antiques fairs/shows etc. Weather cold and murky here, roll on spring. Have a fabulous time, am looking forward to viewing some of your fabulous finds.

The Townhouselady said...

All well deserved. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!

Make Do Style said...

Ha! tough life indeed. Say hello to Miami for me xx

WendyB said...

Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

84 degrees? It will be a busman's holiday for you.
Have a wonderful time and have with the men in tight White breeches!

Belle de Ville said...

The weather is fabulous...not that I would really know considering that I am indoors in air conditioning from 11:00am to 8:00pm. Such is the nature of the antique shows.
Still, I've seen a lot of amazing things.

The Preppy Princess said...

You know what? I hope you are having a fabulous trip and shows, if I can't be there then I am happy friends are! (A sibling & I do the Miami show now and again, but not this year. Sigh.)

May your weekend be stellar Miss BHB!

The Fashionable Traveler said...

I planned a trip to Key West and Miami in June, during this horribly cold weather I can't wait. Any advice on South Beach hotels?

Jill said...

You have NO IDEA how jealous I am...but, the caps might give it away!

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