Sunday, January 16, 2011

Taking A Break

Blogging has been curtained recently because life has been busy. 
I was hoping to action a little hiking today or a trip to the gym but I've got 6 auction catalogs and 2 books to peruse today for a lecture on Indian Mughal jewelry that I'm giving next week.
Besides that, I've got the upcoming antique and estate jewelry show in Miami Beach to prepare for, some technical and graphic spiffing up to do on both websites, and you know, a life.

I started this blog for the purpose of SEO and branding because I didn't have the funds to hire a big NY firm to do those things for me.  And, I admired Wendy B's hands on approach to blogging for her business. (btw, congrats Wendy on the new site and the FGI rising star nomination) Originally I planned to post only about estate jewelry and vintage fashion.  Later BHB morphed into something else entirely, because I have trouble staying on topic and keeping my opinions to myself. Today BHB is all over the place, sort of everywhere and nowhere at the same time. 

So, I'm going to take a break from blogging for a while to concentrate on my "tacky online jewelry business" as a fellow blogger described Beladora in a personal email to me.  I'm aware of the fact that I'm not curing cancer but my little business provides gainful employment, brings value to the customer and is green....and yes, I'm proud of it.

I will of course keep up with the many blogs that I read and stay in touch.
à bientôt
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Faux Fuchsia said...

well hurry back I will miss you. How dare someone call your site that!!!! Very rude. x

Mardel said...

I'll miss you. And agreed with the how dare they call your site that. Rude yes, also completely untrue.

Belle de Ville said...

FF, I'm not going away just going into winter hibernation. I'll keep reading FF just to see what kind of maternity getups you will be wearing!

Mardel, Thank you. Perhaps next to private banking, selling estate jewlery is tacky.
Then again I look at all those players on Wall Street and in the hedge funds and big banks that invest their client's money...and then lose their client's money....and then get huge bonuses.
And that isn't tacky?

Anonymous said...

Someone emailed that to you? What an utter another.
Enjoy your break. See you when you feel rested

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Did somebody really say that in an email? Bloody Cheek. Well I hope you are not away too long, I was struggling to keep up with the Blog when my Mum was in hospital but for you its a concious decision. Wendy blogs both personal and business on her blog and it works, so I can't see why it won't for you. Take Care and can't wait to hear how Beladora take Miami!

GBBB said...

Well, I am sorry to see you take a break. I hope it won't be forever. I enjoy the jewelry posts and the cooking posts and the look at this cool picture of "snow" in Beverly Hills posts.

And I'm absolutely astonished that someone would say that about your business. So unbelievably rude! No, you're not curing cancer. But last I checked, no one has. Not even private bankers.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I can't believe someone said that! Your jewellery is fabulous.

Hope the shows and lecture go really well and see you back here soon xx

Anonymous said...

Has this person bought anything from you? I've spent thousands of dollars with you. You have the highest ethical standards possible! You take the time to educate your clients. You are extremely fair in your pricing and stand behind all your merchandise.

karinnska said...

Well, of course there's no accounting for taste and as soon as my consumer confidence is restored I'll have to make you an offer on a ring that's caught my eye on your "tacky" site.

WendyB said...

Who sent you that email?! I'll kick his/her ass!

Hurry back.

Dash said...

Hi Belle, have a good break, your blog will most definitely be missed, I love popping over, there is always something interesting and topical on here, not to mention the wonderful jewellery, you have done a great PR job.

Am also outraged by the comments of someone who is obviously completely ignorant, why send an email like that? Did they not learn, if you have something bad to say, don't say anything at all? Your comments above, explain it all, tacky is not strong enough, I call it obscene.

The Townhouselady said...

Just as I'm coming back you're leaving.

Be well, enjoy the time away, we'll all be here waiting for your return.

The Townhouselady

P.S. I'm featuring one of your pieces today that I just went gaga for.

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