Sunday, December 5, 2010

Make Mine Modernist

Since I don't have much time to read the actual print newspaper that I subscribe to, (the WSJ, of course) during the week, I save them to savor on Sunday mornings over coffee.
There are lots of great stories and editorials in the past weeks papers, but I was wondering
where in the world is this weekend's Wall Street Journal Magazine...not physically but editorially.
The gorgeous glossy seemed to be all over the place with editorial hits and misses.

On the hit side we got a great article on resort wear, and then on the miss side we got a fashion editorial with some of the worst looking resort wear out there.  Sorry, but those were some really ugly clothes and the editorial was poorly styled.
On the hit side we got an spread on Bryan Ferry's Chelsea home, a fashion spread featuring French fox Vincent Cassel and an article on how Endeavor CEO Linda Rottenberg is creating capital and employment in Latin America by funding entrepreneurship.  On the miss side we got a self congratulatory article about Warren Buffet and his bridge partner, snore and another on Michael Eisner and the new media telling us that 'content is king' as if that concept was something new.
On the hit side we got a market report (read gift guide) with 'rugged' designs for men, that will endure, including a vintage Panerai watch, a corduroy suit by Michael Bastian and a retro style Aquariva speed boat.  On the miss side we got a market report for women with silly sparkly nonsense that will be in fashion one season only.
On the hit side we got a great story on the cultural and economic boom in Beirut and on the miss side an article about a motel in Montauk.
Like I said, it was over the place.
What I did appreciate was the accessories spread with this beautiful photograph by Stephen Lewis.
Loud and Clear
Bold geometric forms in unexpected materials make a stand alone statement

When it comes to jewelry, I don't believe in subtlety.  What's the point of wearing it if it isn't seen? 
I prefer to wear simple clothes with streamlined silhouettes in neutral colors as a background for beautiful jewelry like these bold geometric pieces.  The colors and the shapes appeal to me and I would happily wear them...especially the citrine cuff bangle by James de Givenchy. In addition to geometric designs I have a preference for artistic Modernist jewelry design,  particularly when paired with more classic clothes.
Last week to the tea at the Montage I wore my black Chanel jacket with this brooch
and this bracelet
OK, so maybe these types of pieces aren't to every one's taste....but at least they were noticeable.
One of the ladies at the tea told me that no one in Los Angeles wore fine jewelry anymore....and this came from a woman wearing a 7 carat diamond ring, no less.
Which makes me wonder, if no one is actually wearing fine jewelry, why are jewelry sales at auction booming?
Maybe this conundrum should be a topic for the WJS Magazine.

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Anonymous said...

Both the brooch and the bracelet have made me feel dizzy with lust. This coming from someone who doesn't really like jewellery! I would be delighted by either of those pieces.

Anne Yang said...

Nobody in LA wears fine jewelry anymore? Hm, I guess that's good news for me since I create fashion jewelry and not fine, but I'm not sure how true that statement is, and I live in LA.

Keeping your clothes simple with standout accessories is my philosophy exactly, which I just wrote about. Love the brooch!

David Toms said...

As you say not to everyone's taste, however modernist pieces in jewellery and the other arts play such an important part in the evolution of design

GBBB said...

That bracelet is soo gorgeous. GORGEOUS.

And I don't know what L.A. that woman is living in, but here in my little corner of the Southland -- women still wear fine jewelry for special occasions.

Maybe she meant women don't wear fine jewelry every day? If so, then I'd have to agree.

Faux Fuchsia said...

that gold bracelet arrangement is 11/10 !!! i love big statement pieces- the bigger the better- More is More! x

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

I like your idea to keep clothing simple when wearing bold standout jewelry. Especially loving that bracelet you wore!

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

People in LA, as we know, are too kool for skool to wear fine jewelry. That's fine. People in Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Delhi, etc., will happily fill in the gap.

Ruby Tuesday said...

I imagine that brooch looked stunning with your Chanel.. I adore pearls xx

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Belle, I think they're fabulous, especially the brooch xx

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