Thursday, December 16, 2010

Countdown To Christmas - Estate Jewelry Gifts Under $500

Christmas is catching up with us quickly,
but there is still time to order those last minute little luxuries

For estate jewelry gifts under $1000 click here

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The Preppy Princess said...

The Hanging Panther earrings are too wonderful. I really (*really*) want the amethyst ring, I chipped mine and need a new one, waahhhhh

Very pretty things!

kay said...

I want the Amethyst ring! All the pieces are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am lusting over the ruby dangle earrings

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Wow! Stunning pieces! I love the amethyst ring, how big is it? The panther earrings are fantastic xx

LPC said...

Ruby dangle please. Or the diamond heart:). Oh, wait, I guess I've had my full share of getting to wear beautiful jewelry latelly;).

Belle de Ville said...

Princess: I'm not a fan of cats, being a big dog person, but I am a fan of Garnier jewelry. I just love the quality of French jewelry.

And as for know who to call (800) 680-9569!

Kay: Thanks. I like all these pieces because they are all wearable.

Tabitha: Me too!

Christina: The amethyst is, oh I don't know, maybe huge is the best way to describe it.

LPC: Oh you haven't even come close to wearing your share of Beladora bling!

kristin peter said...

Nice Jewelry . All the pieces are beautiful!

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