Monday, November 1, 2010

Showing The Love - Holiday Baking - Making Everything Better With Chocolate

I've never been a fan of pecan pie, having been served it for virtually every Thanksgiving of my entire life.
But now that I've seen Marcel Cocit's version with chocolate I'm thinking about baking one for Thanksgiving.
Marcel is my friend Jeannie's boyfriend so be sure to check him out on and send him a little facebook love too.
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Anonymous said...

Pecan pie is my all time favourite, I like the old style recipe best.
Can you imagine having a chef for a boyfriend? I'd be huge!

Belle de Ville said...

Tabitha, luckily my friend Jeannie is an actress and a personal trainer so she manages to stay slim even with all that good food around her.
Also, I think that it depends one what food you are being served. When I lived in Paris I had the equivalent of a personal chef and ate meals,every single day, that were delicious and I never gained a pound. I had to move back to California to get fat....

Jill said...

I love pecan pie...which is crazy, because I grew up on a pecan farm. You would think I'd be tired of it. Chocolate and pecans are a great mix...oh, my mouth is watering!

The Preppy Princess said...

The timing is perfect on this, I have never made a Pecan Pie, and just cut out a recipe for one. But having popped over to see Marcel's recipe, it looks much better! Thank you for the tip!

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