Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun With Fashion Blogging

I was going to post something erudite about the restraining order, I mean election results, but I lost my train of thought as soon as I started perusing The Man Repeller, (h/t une femme).
The Man Repeller is primer on how to take the latest fashion trends and put them together to look your very worst. The blog is lewd, crude and it totally cracks me up.

Here's her review on the 2010 Prada show
Prada Channels Lots Of Things Worth Channelling in Milan
Tips on how to dress for Garance, The Sart and the rest of the street photography gang
(note the quintessential top knot)
How To Get Street Style Snapped
So I beg this question: do you often find yourself standing against brick walls and wondering why the stylish passers by wearing particularly large cameras around their necks don't stop at the prospect of snapping photos of you? I have before taken personal offense; after all, I often wear feathers and too many layers of denim. When I can, I incorporate as many materials and fabrics into a single outfit and if I must...I wear two different shoes. Not actually, but I might. It's a good idea. Think about it. Yeah, me neither. But in any case, should you find yourself in this predicament, I have four words: Up the freak factor.
Taking on the fashion press with
Vivienne Westwood, Are You Fo'Real
It must be hard reporting for Womens Wear Daily. Having to offer an unbiased opinion about a men's show that features spray tans and toupees is perhaps more painful than being forked in the eyeballs. And so, I commend your talent.

Here's WWD's short commentary: Vivienne Westwood’s usual anarchic tribe sported metallic knits, paint-splashed denim, clashing plaids and strips, all interspersed with a tailored mix - complete with braces and checked shirts - that ironically stole the show.

...And here's mine: Taking an amateur page from the sartorial genius that is Ed Hardy, Vivienne Westwood has done it again. From toupees, spray tans, and suspenders on the androgynous models, to the neck scarves--that we speculate will be used for strangling purposes post show,-- fine tailored checkered cropped suits and drop crotch trousers, if this collection isn't a clear indication that a man close to Westwood fucked her and never called, we don't know what is.
Looking at these images from Vivienne Westwood's collection, I too marvel at how anyone from WWD can write anything serious about these clothes.
So if you can handle the foul language and the tongue in cheek take on fashion,
trust me you'll laugh too
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