Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All About Boldini

Giovanni BOLDINI Portrait of a lady, Mrs Lionel Phillips

For two great posts about Giovanni Boldini
aka 'The King of Swish' according to Dash
check out her posts here and here on her French Sampler blog
I too have a Boldini post in mind, but no time to write it....
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David Toms said...

Belle, I just love Boldini. He did two of my all time favourite portraits of all time of Luisa Cassati. Sa one of them in Rome last year and I was thunderstruck by the beauty of it.

Dash said...

Oh Belle, Thank you, I am very honoured, so glad you like the posts, keep finding more paintings to add to the first post, like a child in a sweet shop! Also now investigating the lives of the women he painted...funny how one thing leads to another.

Belle de Ville said...

David, perhaps I can't fully appreciate the work of Boldini. I just sort of see his paintings as John Singer Sargent on crack!

Dash, funny isn't it how one subject leads to another.
I can't wait to read about the women he painted.

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