Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jewelry Biz - It Takes A Thief...Or Two

Amazing is correct.
In the news
Ring worth nearly $700,000 taken by savvy thieves
Police are trying to track down two men who stole a Cartier store's most expensive ring, but one thing is clear: the bilingual, elegantly attired thieves were savvy. 
Without pulling a weapon, the two men walked off with a 500,000 euro ($693,000) diamond-encrusted ring Tuesday evening from Cartier's store on Via Condotti, a toney shopping street near Rome's Spanish Steps, police said.
Talk about messing up the 'Know Your Client' rule!
But I truly do feel sorry for the poor saleswoman who got totally bamboozled by these elegantly attired gentlemen I mean cheeky thieves, speaking Arabic and French.  
She probably thought that they were Saudi royals and that she was on to making the big sale of her year.

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Duchesse said...

Did you read the April 12, 2010 new Yorker piece, "The Pink Panthers", Belle? Fascinating.

This was remarkable b/c with no weapons- and there have been some massive heists lately.

David Toms said...

Oh the poor woman!! I really feel sorry for her!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I am amazed that people have the courage to do such a thing, mind you, we have had a few big steals from our Bond Street stores.

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