Saturday, October 9, 2010

His and Hers Gifts of Christmases Past

From the 2010 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book
A Tequila party for 75 of your best friends with Colin Cowie for $125,000...sounds like fun for $1666 per person.
A swimming pool sculpture installation by Chihuly for $1,500,000..doesn't everybody need one?

But what I really want is this gift from the 1974 Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog
Yep, his and hers hovercrafts
$3640 for the pair.
Really who wouldn't want those?

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City Girl (EC1) said...

Haha, fantastic!;) I love B Hills! xx

Dan.Eliot said...

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Jill said...

I used to wait with bated breath to receive the Xmas catalog! It used to be a little camp with the extravagance. Now, it's been sitting in a pile of catalogs in my kitchen, with all of the other catalogs. I know that when I finally dare to open it, I'll just be rolling my eyes the whole time.

MyStyle said...

Hi there-LOL, very unique ideas, hmm, not sure about the hovercrafts though!! Have a lovely Sunday! x

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