Friday, October 15, 2010

Estate Jewelry Look Of The Day - The Victorian Locket

I know that you think that it is all champagne, caviar and chicness chez Beladora.  But some Friday afternoons it is so cold in the office that I just end up with my scarf wrapped turban style around my head.
Don't ask why, it's just how I roll.
OK, enough about is what I wanted to show you.
Antique Victorian Locket Pendant with Amethyst in Silver and Gold from $395

What is really cool about this locket,
aside from the unbelievable price (and don't forget your BHB discount code)
is the fact that it has two Victorian photos on the interior
and the woman in the photo appears to be wearing this very locket.  Click on my link to see the details.
A little bit of living history, non?
OK peeps, have a great weekend.
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Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

That is gorgeous! I love that it has photos inside too. I'm off to look at the link xx

SewingLibrarian said...

I have my great-grandmother's locket which is dented from children's teeth marks! It may be from the same era - late nineteenth century? Gold with tiny pearls, very dainty and feminine. This is a lovely piece, too.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I love necklaces but don't wear them this is really cute, as are you in your turban! Have a great weekend! x

vicki archer said...

Such a pretty necklace and so lovely to have secrets inside....xv

Belle de Ville said...

Christina: Yes, I love the fact that this locket came with photos.
Sewing Librarian: There is something so charming about baby teeth marks in these antique pieces.
Fab: I rarely wear a full necklace but I do love lockets and pendants. They are so easy to wear.
Vicki: exactly!

The Preppy Princess said...

I do love older lockets, there is a romance to them not found in almost any other kind of vintage jewelry. And this one is a beauty Miss BHB.

Sending you a smile for the weekend,

Jill said...

Rockin' the headscarf! I would never be able to keep it on my head. I have slippery hair. Headbands don't work for me either.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful decollete, not a smidgeon of sun damage!

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