Sunday, October 24, 2010

Around Town - The Beverly Hills Women's Club 85th Anniversary Gala

It probably wouldn't surprise you that I'm a big believer in community based organizations, like The Beverly Hills Women's Club.
Yes, I know the very idea of a 'women's club' is indeed old fashioned, bringing to mind afternoon tea and bridge.  Well yes the BHWC is a bit old fashioned and proud of it's nearly 100 year old heritage.
And yes there really are teas and bridge and book clubs and mahjong and cotillion. But there are also, lectures and concerts and private tours and cooking classes.
Most importantly, the club also supports children in need by providing such things as school supplies to kids in a local homeless shelter and sponsoring events for Aviva Family and Children's Services which works with abused and neglected children.
This year was the 85th anniversary of the actual club house, built in 1925 by noted architects Gable and Lyons. Over the last five years, under the leadership of club president Claudia Deutsch, the building has been carefully restored, with respect to the architectural heritage.  Hopefully the club will continue to be a thriving part of the community with ongoing philanthropic service for another 85 years.
And I dressed up complete with partial up-do and other fripperies....but alas, no diamond brooch in my hair.
So here's the look...dark navy blue taffeta dress, navy blue satin shoes, sapphire and diamond estate jewelry, a mink coat (vintage) and a happy disposition.
Yes, I know...not the most attractive of photos, but that was the best that I could do with my iphone.
But I was especially happy with the Fred Leighton diamond bow brooch.
Yes, I'm posing in front of my bicycle which is parked in front a painting. 
I know, awesome decorating skillz.
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.
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Toby Wollin said...

One more reason to become involved with a local organization: At least once a year, you get to pull out the family jewelry, dress up, look incredibly elegant (oh yes YOU do!!) and go out to mingle with adults. What else could one ask for?

Belle de Ville said...

Toby, exactly! Getting all dressed up and mingling with adults is fun to do, every once in a while.

LPC said...

That brooch is TDF! Gorgeous. I love bows in jewelry.

Miss Cavendish said...

And another gorgeous cross-over bodice! I may have seen a "private chef" episode where the diners were members of the BHWC. And the chefs were sweating indeed!

Beautiful brooch.

Deja Pseu said...

That dress is really gorgeous! So's the jewelry, of course.

Jill said...


Wildernesschic said...

You look stunning xx

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

That brooch is stunning. I wish I could have seen your entire ensemble. Is the dress vintage?

Keith said...

Wow. That sounds great. I'm sure it would be so fun. Take care.

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-a big WOW! The brooch is just stunning and is perfect with your lovely dress, you look amazing and hope you had a great time too! xx

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