Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This and That

I've been unusually busy today with all kinds of nonsense but I wanted to post about a couple of things this week.

Patricia Neal, R.I.P.  What an incredible Greek tragedy of a life this woman led, from her affairs with Ronald Reagan and Gary Cooper to her marriage to the philandering Roald Dahl, to the deaths of two of her children to her untimely stroke and subsequent recuperation.  The Mail Online has the story

Then there is the whole Naomi Campbell-Charles Taylor-Blood Diamonds story.  From texting to sexting, did she or didn't she flirt for the diamonds
And in a strange 6 degrees of separation story, two of Charles Taylor's daughters by his American ex-wife, were at boarding school with my son and daughter.  In fact my daughter might have even been roommates with one of them.  I remember how great these girls were and my daughter remembers them fondly.  Luckily they were raised in the US and Switzerland, far away from their father.

Out in bloggerland one of our favorite UK blogger babes, Tabitha, has posted that she is taking a break from her Bourbon and Pearls blog.
If you haven't read her blog, check it out. I assure you that you will be impressed with her writing.

Then another great writer, LPC, at her Privilege blog, had an interesting post on the writing that goes into product branding, specifically the writing for high end shoe designer n.d.c.  One of her commenters suggested that n.d.c. should have hired a professional copywriter for their website, and perhaps she was correct.
But then it brought to mind that here at Beladora HQ we do all of the writing in house because we can't afford to hire a professional writer.

Writing product descriptions is seriously dull work, honestly it is brain numbing.
So naturally we try to have a little fun with it when we can like with the descriptions from these vintage charm pendants from Beladora2.com.
Here are a few examples
Vintage Feelin' Pharaoh-cious Charm Necklace in 14K

Take a float down the Nile of style in this vintage charm necklace. Featuring a pair of profile charms on of an Egyptian Pharaoh and the other of an Egyptian queen, this charm necklace is hotter than hieroglyphics
Think Tink Charm Necklace in 14K

Why not take a little bit of 'The Happiest Place In The World" with you wherever your go. Featuring a Tinkerbell charm and a "Disneyland" logo charm, this vintage charm necklace is your way to add the wonderful world of Disney to your wardrobe.
Vintage Thar She Blows Charm Necklace in 14K

Tell the world a whale of a tale with this adorable vintage charm necklace. A smiling whale charm is complemented by a ship steering wheel charm for a look that's as modern chic as it is Moby Dick!

OK, so we aren't going to win any literary prizes but an important part of our brand message is that estate jewelry isn't only about the serious and expensive stuff of your Grand Dame great aunt
it is young and fun and reasonably priced too.
I hope that we've made our point.
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LPC said...

Thank you for the nice words about my writing. In fact, I feel that the Beldora writing works. I feel you are describing the product, not trying to establish some kind of emotive brand beyond - wow this stuff is beautiful and our prices can't be beat.

And I sure hope Tabitha comes back. She is a prime hoot.

Belle de Ville said...

LPC, there are blogs with writing that is so far above the average, and Privilege is one of those blogs.
Yeah, I'm definitely going to miss Tabitha's blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Belle.

I really like the quirky edge of the blurbs that you've posted to sit alongside the jewellery, it helps bring the pieces to life.

On a side note -going to the gym has never made an iota of difference to my weight, for me it's always about how much I eat but everyone is different, I was born into a chubby family.
Anyway I think you have a fabulous figure, I don't see anything that needs changing!

Wildernesschic said...

Necklaces are lovely Belle I love charms I have since I was a little girl.
I will read all your recommendations later..another bloody busy day ahead for me starting ..now !! xx

MyStyle said...

Hi there-your writing about your gorgeous products is very witty and original, very fitting indeed x

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Belle, gorgeous necklaces.

Patricia had a life full of drama on screen and off didn't she. I wouldn't have said no to Gary Cooper!

It seems mental that a supermodels evidence is involved in convicting someone of war crimes. I used to work for her agency so can't say much apart from I think the lawyer was right! xx

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