Monday, August 30, 2010

Palmilla - The One and Only Way to Vacation in Cabo San Lucas

Have I ever mentioned to you that I love Cabo San Lucas?
With only a short 2 hour flight from noisy, cold and traffic bound Los Angeles you arrive in a quiet, warm and calm paradise at the tip of Baja California where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.
It's magical, it really is.
I have vacationed along the Cabo Corridor several times before but this was the first time that I stayed at the magnificent Palmilla, part of the outstanding One and Only group of resorts where attention to detail, customer service and quality of experience reign.
The resort is situated on the edge of the Punta Palmilla on the coast where each room has a blue water view.
The overall design I would describe as Hacienda 'lite' with classic Mexican style elements such as dark wood furniture against white walls and Mexican tile and stone work.  My room was a spacious 2nd floor suite with high ceilings, a step down sitting room and large terrace.

The grounds are lush with tropical landscaping, green lawns and palm trees are everywhere.
Except for the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks the resort has an overall sense of quietness. The staff is dressed in muted off white Mexican style outfits that evoke more of a spa-like ambiance than that of a busy international hotel.
The Palmilla welcomes families yet the resort doesn't feel overrun by unruly kids.  By providing both a family pool and an adult pool you can choose your level of ambient activity.

But wherever you decide to place yourself, the pool, the beach, the spa, the gym, the restaurant, the library, your room, you will be amazed by the service of the staff. For example, whenever you sit by the pool or under a palapa on the beach, you will be brought an ice bucket with bottles of water.  Sitting by the pool you will be offered homemade fruit popsicles and frozen yogurt. Your room will be restocked everyday with water bottles, fresh fruit, snacks...and a special tequila. You will be offered water, lemonade, coffee in the library. Your treadmill in the gym will be equipped with a fresh towel and water. There is wireless service throughout, and even the palapas have electrical outlets so that you can plug in your laptop...if you are insane enough to take your computer to the beach.

Did I mention that a butler that comes with your room.  I had the fabulous Isaac Armentilla who was there to take care of whatever I needed.  I offered to take him home with me but he preferred to stay at the Palmilla...who wouldn't.
The service just goes on and on and on.
The food...well it is everything that you would expect.  Not that I would go all the way to Mexico to go to Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Market restaurant or Larbi Dahrouch's Mexican-Medeterranean restaurant, Agua, or to have incredible sashimi and ceviche at Nobuo Iwaseya's sushi bar, Suviche, but it is nice to have that choice of cuisine.  My Mexico style is more margaritas and guacamole while looking at the view from the outdoor Aqua bar.
For me the decision to go to the Palmilla rather than to any of the other spa/resorts along the Cabo Corridor was the fact that it had a swimmable beach.  So instead of lounging around the pretty pool, I was more than happy to stay on the beach and swim in the warm clean water of the Sea of Cortez.
While I enjoyed my vacation in Aix-en-Provence last summer because I spent time with friends who are dear to me, I have to admit that the One and Only Palmilla resort was so much better than the Aquabella hotel/spa in Aix and surprisingly priced about the same or even less.  Not only was it off season in Cabo when rates are down there was a terrific 4 nights for the price of 3 package which you would never find in France.
I totally recommend the Palmilla and would happily stay there again...anytime.
And if I ever find myself on the other side of the world I will try the One and Only resorts in Dubai and the Maldives

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Wildernesschic said...

Looks like heaven.... Nice feet :) xx

Jill said...

Looks fabulous!

Deja Pseu said...

Sounds like an amazing and relazing vacation! Hope you didn't fly on Mexicana....

Belle de Ville said...

Ruth and Jill: It was indeed fabulous...until I tweaked my back last Thursday night. I have been suffering since.
Pseu: Mexicana...never! Alaska Airlines first class is the only way to fly!

teawithonesugarplease said...

It looks totally amazing and a Butler as well - that is one deluxe resort xxx

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Same here. I love Baja. Happy you had a wonderful time.

metscan said...

Sounds like a wonderful place to spend a vacation. Were you all alone and if so, what about the evening program?

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Belle, it looks amazing. I have noted it down on the off chance The Actor fancies taking me! It sounds perfect! I always end up with pictures of my toes too xx

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