Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Reading - The Complete Claudine

For some reason, I'm not sure why, I've never seemed to get around to reading anything by Colette.
So, I recently started reading Claudine at School, the first book in The Complete Claudine.
Unfortunately I find every character in the book, and most importantly the main character Claudine,  totally unsympathetic.  In spite of the fact that I'm not enjoying the read, I will slog through the book because I find 19th Century and Belle Epoque history interesting.
As for Colette herself, I would like to read a well written biography. Can anyone suggest one?  Ms. Cavendish perhaps? Forget the lesbian affairs, what I would really like to know is why she seduced her 16 year old step son when she was 40 and continued the affair for 5 years.  Yes I know, how very French.
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M said...


Try "West with the Night" by Beryl Markham. One of my absolute favorite books, partly b/c I first read it at the same time I was getting my pilot's license and loved all the flying stories, but also b/c it is beautifully written. Check it out on Amazon.

Another is "The Last Empress Madame Chiang Kai Shek & the Birth of Modern China" by Hannah Pakula. Long but worth the time.

M said...

And speaking of Colette, have you read Cheri? Good story. The Last of Cheri-not so much.

Belle de Ville said...

M, I read 'West with the Night' a gazillion years ago. Yes, it was a great book.
On your suggestion I will definitely read 'The Last Empress' by Hannah Pakula. She's a wonder historian and biographer.
I will look into Cheri too.
Thank you for the suggestions!

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I liked The Vagabond but like you, could not get into Claudine.

MyStyle said...

Hi there-thanks so much for your lovely comment, much appreciated. wishing you a great week ahead too!

Make Do Style said...

I've tired but failed but then I'm willing to try again. Maybe..

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