Friday, July 30, 2010

Mid-Summer Musings About Travel

Since it is mid-summer and I have this on my mind

I thought that I would share with you this article from the WSJ
When Mr. James is checking into a hotel, he always makes sure he's nicely dressed. Typically he'll show up in a suit or slacks and a jacket. "If you look the part, you'll tend to get looked after a little bit better," he says.
I tend to agree with this advice as I've found from many years of travelling.  Certainly the better I am dressed, the better I am treated. So for me no shorts, t-shirts or flip flops for travel attire.

This summer I can't get my act together for a trip to the south of France but the gorgeous (and talented in a DIY way) Tabitha has posted about her swanky sojourn at the Eden Roc, Hotel du Cap and more. 

And as for travel attire, do not miss James Andrew's posts about his recent trip through Italy.  I particularly love what he wore to La Sireneuse. He must get incredible service. But I wonder, with all his fabulous clothes, how many suitcases does he travel with. Check out his What is James Wearing blog.

What do you wear when you travel and do you think that it makes any difference at all in how you are treated?
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David Toms said...

I always remember as achild when we were travelling especially bty plane that my brothers and I were always in our Sunday best! Even on a road trip we were always dressed in smart clothes.

Nowadays when I travel I try and avoid jeans (even on those long 24hour hauls back to Australia) and always make sure that I have a jacket (usually linen, I know wrinkles easily, but once on board I take it off and switch to a pullover if necessary).

Have a great weekend!

metscan said...

Sure it matters, just like when you shop; the better you are dressed, the better the service. And yet, everyone packs along as light as they can, all the comfy gear along, the minimum of jewelry, even backpacks; ) Naturally packing as mentioned, is sensible, but where the heck is one supposed to wear all the nice stuff that hangs home in the closet?
I travel very little, but I dare take along my good clothes. Giving a bit thought in beforehand, I can manage with a small amount of your jewelry. But, if my destination is like a hike in the Sahara, well, I´ll gladly forget the good stuff home.

Deja Pseu said...

Mr. James is one well-dressed dude!

I do try to look like a well-dressed traveller. I also think that if you are polite to people you encounter, you receive better treatment (though not always). Show a little class, in other words. ;-)

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I've always found that the better I am dressed, the better the service. This applies to shopping, dining out, etc. as well as travel.

Jill said...

I tend to dress even more outrageously when we travel. I like to play the part.

Belle de Ville said...

David, I can't even begin to imagine what those long flights to Australia are like...but good for you for carrying on the tradition of travel decorum.
Met, all depends on where you are travelling to. I leave the good jewelry at home unless I'm going to NY or Europe.
Pseu, absolutely. Good manners get you far too.
Couture, your thoughts on dress agree with my motto 'dress well, test well'.
Jill, there is an even more outrageous way dress than how you do in your everyday life????

Jill said...

More is more!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I dress up to travel and shop. Works every time xx

Anonymous said...

You know it has never made any difference to me at all, whether I'm in sweats/flip flops or dress heels, people have always treated me the same.
In fact the one time that I got an upgrade to First Class oh to live like that )I was wearing an old sweatshirt and no make up - I was spitting feathers though so I think they just wanted to shut me up.

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